Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.2 Gathering '08

After high school, college friends are the new people that I've met during the new phase of my life. 4 years had passed ever since. Some of them are already working, many graduating and one of them is already married. God bless all of us, as 4 years allows many, expected and unexpected, to happen. It was definitely refreshing to catch up with their ongoings and plans for the future once in a while. And of course, not forgetting, our Stephanie also turned 21 on that day (30th December). Hopefully she likes the present handpicked by me for her. Here are some of the pictures taken. (Hop over to my Facebook for more)

Best classmate ever!

Go, go! Bitches!

Happy turing 21st, Steph!

Piggy on the loose!

With the Powerpuff Girls (according to Julia).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Being Part of It

Apparently, I was lucky enough to be a small part of this award winning TV Promo (click to watch before it's removed)? Congratulations to the creative team who nabbed the Gold and Silver Promax Awards.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Screwed Schedule

3 nights in the previous week, I was sleeping at 5am in the morning. Quoting from a friend of mine, "routines are abnormal" best describes me recently. But please excuse my abnormality, for it's the best time of the year, between Christmas and the New Year. People are so fond of thinking what should be done between Christmas and New Year, rather than between New Year and Christmas. But for a person like me, I have plans ahead of me already and I'm milking the best I could from each moment.

Singing karaoke until 3am. Something new to me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fun OK Cafe PhotoLog

It's at Taman Connaught.

Just look at the fancy seats!

Beloved cowie Momo!

That's her BoyBoy!

Cozy place!

Heart those wedges!

And love this colorful iced tea even more.

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas to everyone out there. It is again the time to reunite for a whole lot of love, fun and compassion during the holidays.

Just like many of the past years, I don't do much during this special day. Family's a non-Christian, so they don't celebrate. Neither we have a Christmas tree displayed in the living room, nor the roasted turkey for our dinner. As the night grows older, I found myself to be out in the town partying with my friends. Bumped into a couple of friends, unexpectedly. Oh well, it's not too shocking since most youngsters would head to the town for countdowns. And that means heavy traffic, both vehicles and cars.

Whilst my night ended with a high note, the day wasn't that overwhelming. Recently, the state of health of my family is deteriorating. Most of them are falling sick. My stepmom even went to the hospital for a check-up. Looking at her on the sickbed was heartbreaking. For that, I began to ponder on the importance of spending more time with my family... Last but noy least, I just recovered from cough and flu. Hopefully, everything will be alright very soon again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beyonce's Halo and Sasha's Diva

Check out the brand new kick-ass videos!

It's one of my favorite songs from her Sasha collection. Hardcore hip hop is still the shyt.

This is a smashing follow-up to If I Were A Boy. It was initially reserved for Leona Lewis, but Beyonce got to record it at last.

First Cheese for a Start...

Integration of laptop with webcam rocks. I'm feeling IT from Station 1. Hell yeah, I'm back from hiatus.