Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.2 Gathering '08

After high school, college friends are the new people that I've met during the new phase of my life. 4 years had passed ever since. Some of them are already working, many graduating and one of them is already married. God bless all of us, as 4 years allows many, expected and unexpected, to happen. It was definitely refreshing to catch up with their ongoings and plans for the future once in a while. And of course, not forgetting, our Stephanie also turned 21 on that day (30th December). Hopefully she likes the present handpicked by me for her. Here are some of the pictures taken. (Hop over to my Facebook for more)

Best classmate ever!

Go, go! Bitches!

Happy turing 21st, Steph!

Piggy on the loose!

With the Powerpuff Girls (according to Julia).

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